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“Heritage Timber has completed both commercial and residential deconstruction for me, and supplied my company with reclaimed timbers and siding. Gary’s passion for encouraging sustainable practices is infectious. This passion coupled with his can-do attitude results in a great job-site and fun working relationship.

"Gary also handled the deconstruction and salvage efforts of a LEED certified commercial building for me. I was impressed with his integrity, meticulous record keeping, organization and sustainability efforts."

— Frank Scariano,
Scariano Construction

Missoula, MT

“The quality of Heritage Timber’s wood was just as Gary described it (kind of a rare thing in today’s world), and everything was properly graded, sorted, and cleaned. Knowing the history of the wood and that we were using salvaged lumber, made us feel good about our home and barn. Many people have asked us how old our barn is and how long it’s been on the property, and are surprised to hear that we built it within the last five years. Dealing with Gary was convenient, pleasant, and downright fun.

“We loved learning about the history of the materials. The fir planks in our barn were dismantled from the Westland Seed Plant in Ronan, and the ship-lap fir and maple flooring were both salvaged from the Sons of Norway building in Kalispell. We felt great using local, reclaimed materials.

“We have a little saying around these parts: “This is the house that Ryan built. With a little bit of help. From Gary Delp.”

— Ryan Huckaby and Alisa Reich
Western Montana Homeowners


“Heritage Timber removed two large mill buildings for us. They maintained constant communication with us throughout the project and were extremely polite and positive. They seemed very comfortable in meeting our requirements, paid for the building in full, and moved on-site for removal the next week.

“Heritage Timber was very respectful of our property, kept an extremely neat and safe work site, and removed and salvaged the building 45 days ahead of deadline. During the course of this building removal, house-keeping was exceptional. The waste and scrap was neatly piled and the remaining floors were swept clean. Salvage material was neatly stacked and then removed. We use Heritage Timber as an example for other contractors.”

— Darl Hagey
Stimson Lumber Co.
Bonner, MT

“Heritage Timber got all the hard, ugly, “dirty” stuff out of the way, so that my carpenters could get to rebuilding faster and easier. Gary's prices are fair, his quality of work amazing, cleanliness perfect, and he usually finishes a job early. 

“We used some of Heritage Timber’s materials on the project too, and I loved the quality, while my clients loved the results and getting the written history of the wood.

“Gary is trustworthy, an easy and effective communicator, and does exactly what he says he is going to do." 

— Jason Lonski
Jason Lonski Construction & Historic Preservation, Inc.
Missoula, MT

  “The entire project would have never happened if Gary were not so community minded - it was important to use materials from the site and give them a new life. If he had refused to hold the materials for the Silver Park Timber Frame Shelters, I probably would not have followed through with the idea.”

— Jennifer Anthony, PE, SE
Fearless Engineers PLLC.

Missoula, MT
Engineer behind Silver Park Timber Frame Shelters in Missoula, MT.

“Heritage Timber removed a large old sheep shed for us that had been damaged by winds earlier in the year. Gary and his crew were very easy to work with and did their job just as the agreed upon contract stated. We were very pleased with the results and would recommend his services to our friends and business associates.”

— Delight Gollaher
Gollaher Ranch
Cascade, MT

Book Shelves

"Heritage Timber's wood far exceeded my expectations, I love supporting a local company, and I am thrilled that to have environmentally sound products in my home.

“I actually have “favorite” bookshelves, planks of flooring, and door trim that I admire like a good piece of art. Each piece comes with its own rich and elegant patena that speaks of its history.”

— Lisa Venuti Wrobel
Western Montana Homeowner

“I fell in love with the woodwork in our home. Every visitor comments on how beautiful the cabinets are. I especially love that Gary could tell us the history and the story of the wood from its original use to our home in Montana.”

— Pamala McDavid Burke
Homeowner in Missoula, MT


“Gary’s knowledge of dismantling and his dedication to our projects made everything go much more smoothly than I had expected with no delays. Gary kept things very neat and cleaned up the job sites to my satisfaction.

“Should you ever require the services of a highly experienced and capable dismantling and salvage professional, I would not hesitate to recommend that you get in touch with Gary Delp at Heritage Timber – you’ll be pleased you did!”

— Kim F. Williams
President of Williams Feed, Inc
Dillon, MT

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